Mobile Pet Groomers for Cats

There’s no question about it; there is a bias towards dogs when it comes to pet care providers in the Washington, DC area. Oh sure, if you’re a cat owner, you can easily find a number of pet sitters who will care for your cat(s). Some of them even specialize in cat care (such as yours truly). But if you want to find a decent kennel or mobile groomer for your kitty, your options have always been rather limited.

Fortunately, that trend seems to be changing, at least when it comes to mobile groomers.

Now, I imagine many of you might be thinking “Why would anyone need a groomer for a cat? Don’t they clean themselves with those comb-like tongues, and mostly lounge about indoors, unlike their canine cousins whose tongues did not evolve with grooming in mind, and who love to run about outside getting into all manner of stinky things?” If you asked that question, you have probably never lived with a long-haired cat, or with a cat who considers nail clipping a personal affront of the most egregious nature.

Photo via Life with Cats

It is for these types of cats and their people that I am happy to see the number of mobile groomers offering services for cats in the DC area expanding. I ran down the following list this morning, and it may not be comprehensive. If you’re a mobile groomer serving Washington, DC and you take kitty customers, please let me know and I’ll edit the post to include you:

Aussie Pet Mobile NoVA
Veteran owned, serving a number of neighborhoods in the DC metro area.

Bark In Style
Family owned and operated, serving lower Montgomery County and Upper NW DC

Pooches, Kitties & Kisses Mobile Grooming Salon
Owned by Toni Florence, an attorney with the Department of Justice. Serving all of DC and select areas in Maryland.

Style Purr.Petrator Feline Exclusive Mobile Grooming
Certified Feline Master Groomer serving Northern Virginia, Washington, DC and the majority of Maryland.

Now, I’m off to see if I can dig up anyone providing posh kennel accommodations for kitties…stay tuned!

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