The Ultimate Scratching Post

Several years ago I stumbled across this combo lounger/ scratching post on, and it has become one of my favorite cat accessories ever. My cats took to it immediately and with gusto: they sniffed it, they jumped on it, they dug their claws into it, they stretched out on it, they dug their claws into it some more, they slept on it, and then…rinse and repeat. Three years later, they’re still enjoying it (although we’re now on the 2nd iteration, as we had to replace the first one about a year ago due to the “love” my cats gave it on a regular basis). The end result is that with the exception of one particular chair in my living room that my cat Rikki is particularly fond of, they decided that nothing else in the apartment was worth shredding/scratching/clawing once they discovered this lounger.

Since discovering it, I have given this gift to several friends with cats, and they have all raved about how much their kitties love it.

If you end up buying it, please let me know what you think!

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