A little over two months ago, we weren’t sure if this guy was going to make it.

My sister and I were on vacation in Greece in early July when her pet sitter alerted her to changes in Oliver’s behavior that were of concern: he was laying in the litter box each time she arrived, he was not interested in food, and his stool was gray.

Coordinated action by the pet sitter and one of my sister’s friends got Oliver to the vet promptly, at which point he was diagnosed with FeLV and coronavirus; diseases that are almost always fatal.

At the recommendation of Oliver’s regular vet, my father jumped in and took Oliver to a specialist at South Paws in Merrifield, VA, where he was given a blood transfusion and a course of steroids.

All this occurred while we were still in Greece, and I can only imagine the stress my sister must have been feeling over not being able to be there to take care of these things herself, let alone know whether he was going to make it until she could get home.

Long story short, Oliver has responded very well to the blood transfusion and the steroids, and has been given an extended lease on life.

Here he is, enjoying the life aquatic:-)


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