Adorable Duo Seeking Forever Home

A friend of Northwest Pets DC who lives in Fairfax, Virginia wanted us to let everyone know about a sweet pair of 8 month old kitties who are looking for their forever home.

Meet Lil and Caesar, who were living under a trash dumpster when they were found by Anna, who was on her way to pick up a pizza at Little Caesar’s when she found them. After three weeks of daily feedings, the kitties warmed up enough to be lured into a carrier, and have been with Anna since that time. However, Anna already has four cats (2 of them with special needs) and a dog who can be a bit hyper. Lil and Caesar would be so much happier in a home where they can get all the love and attention!

Anna is hoping to find a loving family who will adopt both of them and keep them as indoor kitties. She has taken care of all their initial health requirements: they are spayed and neutered, have tested negative for feline leukemia; have been given their rabies and distemper vaccines; and have been cleared of intestinal parasites.

If you or someone you know would like to bring  these two sweet, gorgeous kitties into your family, please let me know and I’ll put you in touch with Anna.

LilC2 (2)
Caesar is the darker kitty with longer hair (also shown in the feature photo) and Lil is the lighter kitty in the front of this photo.

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