Three’s Company

I wanted to hold off on announcing the newest member of the household until I knew for sure that there would be felicity among the felines, and I’m happy to say that after three weeks, it looks like things are going to work out.

Archimedes – also known as Archie and formerly known as both Piddles and Juneau – has made himself quite comfortable since being given run of the place after the initial introduction period, during which he was sequestered in the living room so that he and the incumbent kitty Alex could slowly get used to the idea of each other.

While I took care to do all the things the experts suggest when introducing a new kitty to the home, I think Alex’ good nature deserves a fair amount of credit for things going so well; Archie has a lot more energy than I anticipated, and Alex has been incredibly patient with this younger cat’s playful antics. He occasionally gives Archie a well-deserved smackdown when he’s had enough, and Archie respectfully backs off.

Because I think it would be a mistake to take this peace for granted, Archie sometimes gets to stay in “his room” – the living room – overnight, so that Alex can enjoy sleeping in the bed with me without fear of ambush. Luckily, Archie is chill enough that this doesn’t seem to bother him.

Anyway, I just wanted to use this introduction to Archie as a reminder of how important it is to take things nice and slow when introducing a new cat  to the home. I found the following material from Fancy Cats Rescue (the folks who took such great care of Archie while he waited for his forever home) to be useful, and recommend it to anyone who will be introducing a new kitty to a home that already has other pets.

Introducting Your New Cat

Alex lets Archie lounge on everyone’s favorite scratcher/lounger.
Archie wonders if there’s any chance he can attack that tail without fear of reprisal.


Archie says his goodbyes to the volunteers from Fancy Cats, who will miss him very much!


3 thoughts on “Three’s Company

  1. We couldn’t let a cat live a life with the name Piddles so the Fancy Cats volunteers took a ballot and then a vote and you became Juneau for the white snow in Juneau Alaska. 24 hours later your forever mother came for you and you became Archie and forever loved. Your forever mother let me say my goodbyes and you did your usual purr and curl up for a nap, paw gracefully draped on mine. Your mom worried that I’d miss you. Of course I do. Of course we all do. You’re each a little but of us but there you are…napping on your own bed, room to spread out and be yourself, a mom who loves you and a new buddy! Archie you’re a lucky guy and may it always be so.
    One of Archie’s forever Fancy Cat Family.

  2. Peggy, thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and wishes for Archie here. He is sitting near my feet on the bed right now, grooming himself after his and Alex’ morning zoomies and breakfast. If you ever find yourself in upper Northwest DC and want to come by for a visit, you’re more than welcome…I’m sure he’d love to see you:-)

    1. Thanks. You really have no idea how wonderful it is to hear updates on our furballs. Thank you for giving him a loving home.

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