Trivia Time: A Name Game

According to, the most popular baby names in the United States so far in 2018 are Emma and Liam.

Can you guess which pet name is most popular among Northwest Pets DC’s clientele?

Below is a list of names of all the pets I’ve had the privilege to care for since the inception of NWPDC in late summer 2017. One of these names belongs to three of my pet patrons. Guess correctly and be entered in a drawing to win a Northwest Pets DC t-shirt!

One guess per person.
Drawing will be held on May 1.
You can reply in several ways:  in the comment section of this blog; by emailing; in the comment section after any post mentioning this contest on Northwest Pet’s DC’s Facbook page; or via private message on the Facebook page.

And without further ado, here are the names from which to choose:

Aida Grace Oskar
Annie Gracie Otto
Antonio Growley Pal
Atlas Harley Pax
Belle Isabel Pepper
Billie Josie Peshak
Birala Juju Plata
Bitty Keo Poki
Boots Kira Poppy
Brooks Langston Potato
Buster Lilac Promise
Buttercup Linus Regals
Celementine Little Bit Ringo
Chloe Louisa Rocky
Claude Lucia Sandra
Claudia Lucky Skookumchuk
Ellie Lucy Snowshoe
Emmett Mango Tommy
Fergus Matty Tubman
Frankie Midnight Tupelo
Fryja Milo Violet
George Nigel Wallace
Gizmo Oliver Ziggy

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