Standard Home Visit

30 minutes – $20

Services include feeding, refill/refresh water, litter box scooping, walks, play, water plants, bring in newspaper/mail/packages, transport to the veterinarian in case of an emergency, and an update via text or email after every visit.

The price above is for up to 2 pets; add $5 per additional pet and/or for the administration of medicine to include oral medication, eardrops, eyedrops, insulin, subcutaneous fluids, asthma inhalers.

Requests for additional time, and emergency situations that may arise requiring additional time, are billed in 15-minute increments at $10 per 15 minutes.

I do not offer visits of fewer than 30 minutes. However, should a situation arise in which I need to cut a visit short due to extreme weather or other unavoidable circumstances, the visit will be prorated at $3 per every 5 minutes shorted.