Please note that Northwest Pets DC will be closed for business June 7 – 23, 2019. While I  will not be conducting pet visits or meet and greets during this time-frame, I will respond to any requests sent during this time, although response time may be delayed.

Standard Home Visit…….$20

30-minute visit for up to 2 pets, services include:

Refill/refresh water
Litter box scooping
Bring in newspaper/mail/packages
Text or email update after every visit

Additional Charges

Additional pet: $5
Medication: $5
Additional time: $10 per 15 minutes*

*Requests for additional time, and emergency situations that may arise requiring additional time, including unexpected vet visits, are billed in 15-minute increments at $10 per 15 minutes.

Potty Break/Shy Pet Visit…….$15

Quick drop in visit for 1 pet, services include:

Provide food and water
Access to a private yard for elimination
Litter box scooping
Text or email update after every visit

Additional Charges

Additional pets, or visit times exceeding 15-minutes arising from unanticipated circumstances, are billed at Standard Home Visit rates.

* This service is intended for short-term (1 week or less) or occasional visits only.
*  This service is not available during holiday periods.
* Clients with indoor/outdoor kitties who wish to take advantage of this service must have a pet door that allows the kitty to come and go freely.
* This service option may be combined with standard home visits for service requests of more than one week.
* This service does not include a guranteed minimum time.