July Pet of the Month: Domino & Weasel

I have been caring for Domino and Weasel when their humans go out of town for about a year now (my first visit with them was in July 2018) and always look forward to spending time with these two sweet, photogenic kitties.

Domino, the black kitty, is around 7 years old, and Weasel is around 5. I remember Domino being a little bit shy when I arrived for my very first visit, but by the end of that session he was playing with his favorite string toy, and accepting pets, and he has been fully engaged with me ever since. Weasel was primed for play from the get-go, one of her favorite games being “hide and pounce” from her wool cat cave. In addition to being playful, they’re both affectionate and enjoy being petted while they lounge on one of their cat trees.

Domino is a bit more food-motivated than Weasel, and is also on a special diet, which can prove challenging when someone isn’t able to be there to supervise meal time, or when kitties are grazers who won’t eat their meal all at once. Domino and Weasel’s humans found a solution by way of the Surefeed Automatic Pet Feeder, which opens via a signal from a microchip or RFID collar tag. Domino and Weasel each have their own feeder, which will open only for the intended kitty, so each gets only the amount and type of food he or she is supposed to get. I have seen these advertised and had considered purchasing them myself, but was intimidated by the thought of the training involved. Kudos to Domino and Weasel’s humans for taking the time to do it, because it has turned out to be a great solution.

I’m looking forward to seeing these two again for somevisits in just a few days!